1: Discovery Session

Discuss your objectives, expectations and needs in regard to protecting your position.

Relevant details and information required to tailor a solution is collected at this point.

A clear basis for your insurance requirements is formed.

2: Research

We research and detail in a tailored strategy paper an insurance solution to meet your needs and objectives; detailing cost, provider, and policy ownership structure.

3: Present Advice

Once an agreement has been reached we provide an advice document to you that clearly details the basis of advice, the reasons for the recommendations, and the cost of the insurance solutions.

Applications are then taken for insurance. Underwriting requirements that may include blood tests and medical reports are also discussed.

4: Underwriting

The required medical tests are arranged. Tax returns and supporting information are provided by you and submitted to the insurer to support your application.

5: Finalisation

Once accepted by the insurer, we will inform you that the policy is in force and premium payment is requested.

Insurance documents are then mailed to you.

We request your feedback on the service provided and provide you with a form for comment.