How do I join the company super fund?

Simply click on “Join the company fund” and complete the ATO Standard Choice Form.

What are my fees and insurance benefits?

By joining the company Superannuation fund, you benefit from group discount rates on fees and insurances. This means you may pay less than you would in a personal or individual plan. Take a look at the About the Company Fund form within the Super Info section.

How do I increase or decrease my insurance benefit?

Complete the Insurance Application within the Insurances section or contact Super-Advice for help.

Are there alternative investment options?

There are multiple investment options within your Employer Super plan. Follow the link on the left to the fund information, and refer to the Investment Selection section or you can contact us for more info.

How can I consolidate my super accounts?

Complete an ATO Rollover Form found in the Super Forms section.

How can I find my lost Super?

You can check your super by registering for the Australian Taxation Office’s online services via myGov. This will allow you to see details of all super accounts including any lost accounts.

MyGov –

Call Super-Advice and we can help you over the phone.

What happens if I change employers?

Complete the ATO Standard Choice form in the Super Info section on the left, click Join the Company Fund. Then give the form to your new employer and they can start putting your Super Contributions into your super account. In some cases, fees and insurance premiums may be impacted. Call Super-Advice for more info.

How much super will I need in retirement?

This will vary depending on when you plan to retire, your life expectancy and the kind of retirement lifestyle you’d like to achieve. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) estimates that on average, most people need an income equivalent to about 60% of their annual salary.

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is adding to your super from your pre-tax salary. This can be a smart and tax-effective way to boost your super savings. Contact us if you would like further information.

I’m retiring soon, how do I find a good financial planner?

Before you choose an adviser, you should make sure they have the right experience and qualifications. Super-Advice has a friendly and experienced Personal Advice Services Team. Contact us to find out more.

What is a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy?

This is a way of cutting back how much you work while supplementing your income with a pre-retirement pension drawn from your super. Transition to retirement strategies offer a variety of tax advantages. For more info contact our Personal Advice Services Team.

Can I nominate a person to receive my superannuation if I die?

Yes. Please complete a Death Nomination form within the Super Forms section. Or call us for more info.

At what age can I access Super?

Other than in a few exceptional circumstances, you cannot access your super until you reach retirement age (age 60 if you were born after July 1964) and have stopped working. At 65 you can access your money whether you’re working or not. To discuss retirement planning, please contact our Personal Advice Services Team.