Life’s complicated, we make super easy!

We review your Corporate Super arrangements and any Employee Group Risk Benefits, to restructure or implement the best arrangements for you and your employees.

We turn your super obligation into a genuine employee benefit. This means you save time and money by doing the work needed to get you the right superannuation, and by negotiating favourable pricing.

Our services package is unique and forms the basis of our long standing client relationships. We have a significant number of corporate clients that have aligned themselves with us for over 15 years; with our key staff having worked together in excess of this.

Our Unique Service Solutions

Super Fund Review
Does your business offer the most appropriate super fund?

A good super fund is key to adding value to an employees’ salary package. We conduct extensive fund reviews and a comparative analysis of your current super fund with others in the industry.

We measure fund design, fees and members services to ensure your current super fund is the most appropriate for your company’s needs.

Education Programs
How do we communicate the true value of the benefits?

Super is important! Our customised education programs and seminars encourage members to take an interest in their super. We have Advisers on hand to assist members with retirement planning and personal wealth development strategies, as well as tailored Gen Y communications to engage younger employees.

Employee Group Insurance
Did you know insurance through super or as a group policy outside of super is cheaper than through a personal policy?

Sound complex? We make it easy for you and your employees by making sophisticated insurance simple to understand and easy to deliver. The end result is your employees receive the benefit of no medical underwriting, with the flexibility to choose more insurance options than just basic cover.

That means quality cover for death, total and permanent disability and salary continuance insurance, all at preferential rates.

Policy Committee Meetings
How do you keep up to date with changing legislation?

We help establish, manage and run your policy committee meetings to ensure you are up to date with the latest legislation. We also offer advice on performance measures for service and investment returns.

Employee Support

At Super Advice, our work does not stop when the policy is drawn up. Our trained Advisers work closely with employees to help maximise their super investments.

Services Package

The Super Advice services package is unique and forms the basis of our long standing relationships. Our services to you range across your business, the Super Fund Policy Committee and your employees.

Business Benefits

  • Full administrative and HR support
  • Effective Policy Committee set up; ongoing education and operation
  • Accurate and on-time reporting (business and employees)
  • Effective Super Fund monitoring (administration and investment performance)
  • Tailored Insurances within your Fund
  • Tender Management of your Super Fund requirements, if needed
  • Effective Survey facility available to understand your employees’ needs
  • Simple, uncomplicated and effective employee communications tailored to your company

Effective Policy Committee Servicing

  • Regular and fully catered meetings
  • Fund monitoring; administration delivery and investment performance
  • Management of insurance matters; Claims, Underwriting and Pricing
  • Regular review of the Fund structure and services
  • Management of employee education requirements

Employee benefits

  • Effective Super Fund communication upon joining your company
  • Timely and accurate member reports
  • Group and individual education via internet, face to face and written
  • Management of staff Insurance Underwriting and Claims requirements
  • Assistance with consolidation of all previous Super Funds
  • Telephone and email services facility